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Collections & Unpaid Debts

If your business is owed money and is simply not being paid, an initial demand letter from an attorney is a good start. However, OLC can initiate a civil lawsuit against the debtor to obtain a judgment.

Collecting on a Judgment

If your business alrady has received a judgment, Michigan law places the obligation on enforcing a money judgment on the judgment creditor (i.e. you). There are numerous legal tools available to collect on a judgment, including:
  • Garnishments (from salaries, bank accounts, etc)
  • Judgment liens
  • Debtor examinations
  • Property seizure
  • Foreclosure
  • Self-help (in limited circumstances)
  • Installment plans
  • Asset seizure
Don't forget: judgments eventually expire. Failure to collect on a judgment before it expires results in the loss of the right to collect it. There are options for extending the life of a judgment by court procedure.

Legal counsel from Outside Legal Counsel PLC can assist you in this process.
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