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The Great Lakes Bay Region's Legal Firm

Outside Legal Counsel PLC is Mid-Michigan law firm providing legal solutions to pressing business and property issues and, when required, taking cases to the various specialty tribunals and general courts in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Whether asserting your rights ignored by others, challenging unfair decisions of governments, or evenn successfully advocating for your interests before the Michigan Supreme Court, Outside Legal Counsel has represented businesses, organizations, and individuals throughout the Great Lake Bay Region with their civil legal problems--with highly successful outcomes.

OLC attorney Philip L. Ellison arguing one of several cases before the Michigan Supreme Court

Unlike typical old-school law practices, OLC prides itself on being an efficient and creative legal practice which often times finds unique solutions to the problems using the latest technology. In addition to legal assistance, OLC also works regularly with local and state-wide media outlets to protect your reputation and advance your cause in the court of public opinion as well as a court of law.

Television, radio, and press interviews are sometimes an important 'non-legal' part of a case

We are well-known law to local media outlets as a law firm who can and does handle disputes garnering substantial media coverage. Located in Hemlock, Outside Legal Counsel has handled everything from the routine business transactions to complex civil legal actions. Whether you need business advice or an experienced trial litigator, Outside Legal Counsel has helped those who have complex legal issues find resolution.

Started by attorney Philip L. Ellison, Outside Legal Counsel PLC has developed with a specific goal in mind: protecting and asserting your rights. From the basics, like contracts, to the complex, like high-impact media cases, OLC can help. A few examples of our work include:
  • General counsel to small and family-based businesses in Michigan
  • Reversals at the Michigan Supreme Court & Court of Appeals
  • Filed accepted amicus brief before the Michigan Supreme Court
  • Obtain court order shutting down an entire police department
  • Numerous 4-figure and 5-figure judgments
  • Numerous successful decisions for Open Meetings Act and FOIA lawsuits
  • Protected property owners from government takings without compensation
  • Invalidated decades old deed conveying lake to home owners association
  • Represent minor LLC member's interests against majority owners
  • Protect six-figure state court judgments from bankruptcy discharge
  • Resolved various contract disputes between conflicting parties
  • Lead counsel in favorable riparian property trial with dozens of parties
  • Serving as lead counsel or research counsel on cases before various state and federal courts in Michigan
In short, OLC is a different kind of law firm, one with a focus on protecting and asserting your rights. Contact our office today.