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Farms & Agri-Businesses

Outside Legal Counsel serves as agriculture lawyers for farms, producers, ranchers, and food-production enterprises. Today's small farms often have the same issues suffered by big business enterprises, needing assistance with land use, propert taxes, building permits (or the lack of need thereof), business contracts, succession planning, zoning, governmental permitting, environmental regulations, agriculture specific statutes (i.e. Right to Farm Act, PA 116), and more.

Farming operations are impacted by land regulations, taxes, complicated financing arrangements, and contracts with fine print.

Outside Legal Counsel has Michigan farm attorneys who understand the unique needs of producers, and has needed resources on hand to solve these specialized issues and to prevent new legal issues from every arising in the first place. Farms are businesses with 'typical' business issues like corporate creation and structuring, contracts, and collections. But agriculture also heavily involves land use, with many specialized needs in land use regulation, incoming resident home developments, and government regulators who do not understand the problems and challenges of agricultural operations. OLC can help.

The image of the farmer from Saginaw, Midland, or Bay County is one filled with pristine red barns, neat rows of crops, and a bustling road-side sales stand. In truth, even the smallest of commercial farm operations deal with harvest buyers, suppliers, bankers, realtors, attorneys, and government regulators. Why not remove the stress and aniexty of worrying by having a Michigan agricultural attorney to advise and guide your business and legal decisions to allow you to focus on thefarming/ranching/growing operations and ultimately the bottom line.

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