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Appeals to Higher Courts

A trial judge sometimes simply makes an incorrect decision. Having an experienced appellate attorney can result in correcting the legal and factual errors made by trial courts. However, a common mistake is that "any attorney" can handle an appeal; this simply is not true.

Some studies have found that appeals courts overrturn only 15% of cases taken on appeal.

In an appeal, complex briefs are required. These briefs have many specialized requirements. In addition to the brief, many cases have oral argument, in which the judges or justices of a court have the opportunity to question (or grill) a party's legal arguments. Experienced appellate counsel must be well informed about any number of issues which may come up, including issues not discussed in the briefs.

OLC attorney Philip L. Ellison arguing at the Michigan Supreme Court

Outside Legal Counsel has successfully obtained numerous reversals for clients at various appellate courts and tribunals across the state including before the Michigan Administrative Hearing System, Michigan Court of Appeals, Michigan Supreme Court, and at the federal Sixth Circuit.
  • LaFave v Ionia County Rd Comm'n - Michigan Supreme Court [Link]
    Vacated portion of Court of Appeals decision wrongly applying law of abandonment

  • Porter v Hill - Michigan Supreme Court [Link]
    Reversal which resulted in standing for grandparenting rights in Michigan

  • Wenners v Chisolm - Michigan Supreme Court [Link] [Link]
    Lake access case success with use of unique procedural solution

  • Studley v Twp of Hill - Michigan Court of Appeals [Link]
    Defended against improper Land Division Act lawsuit; affirmed on appeal

  • Jones Family Trust v Land Bank - Court of Appeals [Link]
    Prevented appeal based on claim of governmental immunity

  • Zoran v Twp of Cottrellville - Court of Appeals [Link]
    Reversal of dismissal of two claims regarding illegal actions of township supervisor

  • Bitterman v Village of Oakley - Court of Appeals [Link]
    High profile reversal finding secret donors info subject to public disclosure

  • Arabo v Michigan Gaming Control Board - Court of Appeals [Link]
    Reversed lower court's dismissal of excessive fee claim

  • In re Strozewski - Federal Courts [Link]
    Protected high six-figure judgment from discharge in bankruptcy (on behalf of another attorney)

  • In re Bitterman (3) - Liquor Ctrl Comm'n [Link]
    Obtained reversals in three case series before Liquor Control Commission

OLC can assist with:
  • determining the winning issue(s) to raise on appeal;
  • full case law and statutory legal research;
  • compliance with court format and briefing rules;
  • drafting, wording and layout assistance;
  • filing-ready documents delivered; and
  • oral argument before the appellate panel.
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