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Civil Litigation

Outside Legal Counsel represents clients in matters of civil litigation. Our firm has experience within the state and federal courts all throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Nearly any type of wrong or disagreement can escalate into litigation and end up in court.

When that happens, you need an aggressive attorney who will guide you at all stages of the legal process including negotiation, mediation, discovery, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and trial. When you are involved in any form of dispute that might proceed to court, you need an attorney who experienced and well versed in court procedures to argue your case before a judge or jury.

Our office handles all types of civil disputes between individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, partners, and any other form of enterprise, including
  • Contract and claims for breaches of contract
  • Land and commercial property disputes
  • Easements, trespass, nuisance, restrictions, and zoning
  • Foreclosures and loan disputes
  • Wrongful government action
  • Government discrimination and licensing disputes
  • Statutory claims and torts
  • Defamation, false light, and harm to reputation
  • Fraud, misrepresentation
  • Personal and business negligence
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